* mercoledì 12 marzo 2014

AHARON – My Favourite Escape – Release Party


ora 22:30
indirizzo via di Porta Labicana 24, Roma
* Le Mura è un'associazione culturale.
L'ingresso è consentito solo con la tessera dell'associazione (1 €).

Aharon è il nome del progetto di Aron Carlocchia, già ai synth nei Mary in June.


“I began to work on this EP since I got really aware that computer music, programming languages, and the sound processing in digital music, could destroy and transform all those notions of correct and normal production.
I had the need to enclose all these new stamps in melodic and rhythmic boxes, to have the feeling of playing a continuously and infinite cluster that can never be resolved, being the only responsible and architect of this.” – Aharon